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        Products  Products
        PVC Gloves
        • Disposable Exam PVC Gloves (Clear Color)
        • FDA 510K Listing, CE Certification.
        • Made from Synthetic Vinyl material, free from latex protein that might cause an allergy to human body. It is available for latex allergy users.
        • Choiceness Formula, Advanced Technology, Soft Feel, Comfortable, Skid Resistance and Flexible.
        • Widely used in fields of medical examination, dentistry, first-aid, healthcare, etc. Nontoxic, Harmless and Odorless.
        • Powder free gloves adopt special production technology, offering better protection.
        • The products are disposable gloves.
        Packing: According to customers’ requirements.
        Types: Powder Free, Clear, Blue, Green, Black.
        Size: XS, S, M, L, XL.
        PVC Regular Gloves